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 Elite Pavers & Flooring installs interlocking pavers, paving stone, garden wall products both inside and outside the home. Commonly used applications for our concrete pavers include driveways, flooring, walkways and patios  Elite Pavers & Flooring products complement any landscape while adding beauty to both new and existing homes and businesses.

Elite Pavers & Flooring products are designed to provide years of protection in all climates. The quality of the concrete used to manufacture these products is the best available.

Elite Pavers & Flooring products will enhance the aesthetics and value of your property, residential or commercial. With a wide selection of colors, shapes and finishes, these products enhance any architectural style from Craftsman to Contemporary and Mission to Mediterranean.

Elite Pavers & Flooring's professional staff is committed to providing the tools and solutions you need to assist with your toughest landscaping challenges. Coastal Elite Pavers & Flooring sets the standard for landscape design ideas and innovation in the Savannah area. See for yourself.

Brick Paver Driveways -
A professionally installed brick paver driveway can give an elegant first impression of your home. Installing a beautiful brick paver driveway is the best way to create stunning curb appeal and enhance the true beauty of your home.

Brick Paver Patios -
It is easy to keep your patio looking picture perfect simply by installing brick pavers. Other materials such as wood or concrete can require quite additional of maintenance. Brick pavers provide a unique decorative look to your patio with out the worry of cracking or discoloration. This affordable solution is ideal for the home owner who wants beauty and longterm durability of their outdoor patio.

Paver Tiles & Overlays -
1 inch brick paver tiles are an excellent solution for overlaying existing patios and pool decks that do not receive vehicle traffic. Overlaying paver tiles over existing concrete can often be a cost effective solution as opposed to the removal of concrete.

Brick Paver Walkways -
Adding a brick paver walkway to your front entranceway or back yard is a wonderful way to show case your house and landscaping. The natural color of brick creating a distinctive pathway is an inviting way to greet quests to your home and add interest to your outdoor appeal. We offer an expansive selection of paver colors and styles to ensure the effect your are looking for is achieved.

Permeable Pavers & Environmental Pavers -
Environmental paver products like permeable pavers and turfstone offer an effective solution to managing issues such as storm water runoff and erosion.

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Retaining walls
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Outdoor Fire Places
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Cleaning and Sealing Existing Pavers / Tile / Stone
Paver Repair / Maintenance

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90 degree herringbone
basket weave
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What are the advantages of sealing my pavers?
Sealers can offer several advantages: they help resist stains and may enhance the color Sealers, however, are topical products and must be reapplied regularly (generally every 2 to 3 years).

What can I do if my pavers are stained or damaged?
One of the advantages of pavers is that individual units can be removed and replaced in these situations. Remove the sand around the paver and then use two flat head screwdrivers to lift the paver out. Rocking the paver gently in a back-and-forth motion will facilitate removal.

How do I remove grease and oil stains from my pavers?
To safely remove grease or oil stains from concrete pavers use a product specifically designed to do just that. Sure Bond and Techni-Seal's both make an excellent Dirt and Grease Cleaner available at Country Pavers in Hardeeville. If you want to seal your pavers to help minimize future staining, we recommend sealers from SureBond. Before sealing your pavers you should do a general cleaning of the entire surface to remove any soils or surface efflorescence. A word of caution: make sure that the pavers are completely clean and dry before applying the sealer.

Can pavers be installed on top of my existing concrete patio or walkway?
Yes, if the concrete is in good shape. Typically, a 30 mm paver is used for these applications and are installed over a thin bed of sand.

How long does it take to replace an existing driveway with a paver driveway?
Of course the weather and soil conditions play a big role in this but typically a driveway project with take two to three full days to complete.

Do the pavers themselves come with a guarantee?
Yes a 25-year limited warranty on its concrete pavers and 5 year warranty on it installation.

Does  Elite Pavers provide references?
Of course. We have many happy and satisfied and many of them have given us permission to use them as a reference. Just ask and we will provide the information.

Why do  Elite Pavers Pavers make the ideal pavement?
Pavers are the ideal product for all environments. Proper installation of the product results in a pavement that is rigid, yet flexible. The joints between pavers allow the walkway, driveway, patio, etc. to move without cracking.

Why are they called interlocking concrete pavers?
It is the system that makes them interlocking concrete pavers, not necessarily the shape. When installed properly, the combination of the pavers, bedding sand, edge restraint and joint sand causes them to interlock, allowing them to work as a unified, flexible pavement.

Can  Elite Pavers Pavers be used for my driveway?
Absolutely! For residential driveways, 8” of compacted base material is recommended.

What are the advantages of sealing my pavers?
Sealers can offer a couple of advantages: a sealed driveway may make it easier to remove stains, mold, moss, and mildew and may enhance the color Sealers, however, are topical products and must be reapplied regularly (generally every 2-3 years). Sealing does not extend the life or durability of the pavers.

What decisions do we have to make in considering a Coastal Elite Pavers paver project?
Once you have decided to proceed you will need to decide upon the design, color(s), the body pattern, the border pattern, and the style (cobble or plantation). So basically, just four main decisions. Other considerations include widening the driveway, curving the walkway, flaring the walkway at the entry, using tumbled pavers, etc.

Is Elite Pavers bonded and insured?
Yes and yes.

Will weeds grow between my pavers?
Weeds and grass result from seeds or spores blowing into, and lodging in, the joint sand. If weeds do appear, a spot vegetation killer (such as Round-Up™) can be used and will not damage the pavers.

I have an existing concrete walkway that's in pretty good shape. Can I lay pavers over it?
While not the preferred method, pavers can be laid on top of existing concrete walkways. Two issues must be addressed. First, the grade will be raised by about 1.2 inches. This is particularly critical if any doorways are involved. Second, if the existing concrete slab should raise or drop then the pavers will do the same.

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